A trio of new camp hats just dropped on TroubleNorth.com

We are seriously stoked on these caps! Let me tell you, the road was long and hard to get these made. We worked with another American manufacturer to produce three unique styles, all with top notch fit and finish.

Arsenal - Waxed Cotton

Cotton canvas construction impregnated with wax means added structure, water resistance, and some pretty damn cool aging characteristics. This cap will scuff and fade as it ages making every cap unique to it's owner. Off course, you can always hit it with a little paraffin and a heat gun to bring it back to new looking. Nylon strap closure. 


Amherst - Leather & suede

Polyester cap with a suede brim and leather patch. Our patches are made from scraps sourced from one of Wisconsin's finest glove makers. Nylon strap closure.

Fulton - Ripstop Cotton

Classic cotton camp hat with the added durability of ripstop threads in the weave. Nylon strap closure.