Welcome: Makayla Meixner

While we are off to a TERRIBLE START to winter in the Midwest, I did finally get to catch up with our newest shred buddy last week. 

Please join me in welcoming Makayla Meixner to the TNC Snowboard Family.


Yeah, I know we announced this on Instagram like 2 months ago, but we've been busy and mother nature hasn't exactly done us many favors recently.  Makayla sent me the most professional sponsor me email I have ever gotten early in the fall (make a note of that kids, real recognize real) and there was one other thing. Oh yeah, she fucking rips!


We took half a day to shoot with Makayla and the rest of the Wisconsin team on Friday, making the best of a warm, slushy Granite Peak.  Stoked.

Follow Makayla on instagram @makaylameixner

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Pray that winter arrives soon.

More to come.