Fall Update

Ok, we are finally making progress on F/W 14/15!

1st, I want to apologize for not making better use of this space. When we set about creating Trouble-North Company, the original plan was to carefully plan and design our debut collection to launch on Oct 1st, 2014. 

That idea quickly was scrapped when we had the opportunity to do a collaboration with Amity Skateboards, designing a deck, a pocket tee, and a baseball tee with them this summer.

I believe it was March 28th when we decided to commit to this, and we set a launch date of June 1st. I knew this was going to be a stretch, but I thought I could make it happen. Well, history will show that we missed that launch date, and the rescheduled date, and several dates after that.

While I have done all parts of creating a brand before, this was the first time that I have done them all at once. Let me tell you, it is a very long and difficult process! Without going into the boring stuff, just let me say that it is a bit more involved than slapping some ink on some tee shirts and calling it a day! I am hoping to write about some of the details and struggles we faced in the beginning, but that will have to wait until the next round of gear is safely packed and off to retailers.

I will say that I am extremely pleased that we decided to launch this summer instead of this fall! Even with some early hiccups, the response has been extremely good and I am blessed that so many of you are supporting us so early. It has provided the inspiration to put in the extra time creating unique and quality new styles for you this fall!

But enough of that stuff.

If you follow us on instagram (you should, @trouble_north_co) you will know that we have already leaked quite a bit of the first fall drop. I cannot completely commit to a launch date for that stuff, as there are still some details to work out before everything is finished.

We are getting close though!

Again, I want to thank everyone who has shown us your support so far! Take a minute and follow us on Instagram HERE and like our Facebook page HERE your support means the world to us!